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David Byers the Idea Injector

What's Idea Injector?

It's me! My name's David and I'm the Idea Injector.

What do you do?

I help you and your organisation meet the challenges you face, find solutions to problems and exploit new opportunities.

How do you do that?

I'll work with you and your team to find ideas then develop them into workable solutions or exploitable opportunities.

This may involve:

  • clarifying issues
  • creating and exploring ideas
  • evaluating and making decisions
  • drawing up plans to achieve your goals
  • implementing, monitoring and refining.

Ideally I'll work with you in person but in many cases, I can help remotely via email, phone, etc.

What kinds of situation do you help with?

Almost anything where you have a goal to achieve or difficulties to overcome.

Some examples are: starting or growing a business, strategic planning, customer service, marketing, beating competitors, Brexit (new), production processes, operating procedures, internal department efficiency, fund-raising (charities) or solving any unique problems in your organisation.

Who do you help?

I work with businesses of all sizes, charities, voluntary and community groups or any other type of organisation that could benefit from new ideas.

How much control will we have?

How you run your organisation is your responsibility and you will remain in ultimate control. I won't impose arbitrary or standard solutions on you or tell you what you should be doing.

All organisations are unique so any help I give will be customised to suit your individual operations, structure, culture and style.

What does it cost?

Price guidelines are given on some web pages. I can give estimates or firm quotations by email or phone. For complex projects I am happy to discuss mutually acceptable fees based on your particular circumstances and needs.

What do I do now?

If you haven't already done so, take a look around the Idea Injector web site for ideas you can exploit now! Then call me, David, on 07726 910542 for a quick, confidential and free chat about how I can help.

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What's Idea Injector?

It's me, David. I help businesses and non-profit organisations do better things in better ways.

David Byers, the Idea Injector

For a free and confidential initial chat about your situation, please call me, David, on 07726 910542.

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