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Brexit Challenges

Brexit means Brexit.

What a load of twaddle. That's just a soundbite for politicians who haven't a clue how to explain what it will really mean to us.

Sadly, the politicians aren't alone. Nobody who voted "leave" seems to have any suggestions about Brexit either.

So what is Brexit? Well, I've tried to consider, even at this early stage (September 2016), what it might mean to businesses. My initial thoughts are outlined below or you can download a copy of my Brexit Challenge here. This information will be updated as the issues become more clear.

Business Challenge - Brexit

Brexit is a tonne of bricks waiting to fall on UK businesses. This poses a number of serious threats but also creates opportunities for businesses in the UK.

Brexit threats and opportunities

Risks & Threats

The bricks may float away with the aid of a helpful breeze making any impact less immediate and direct.

Using the slow release valve, the bricks may descend gradually allowing time to adapt or move the business (physically or strategically).

A frayed rope or scatter bomb would reduce the impact (quantity or distribution) of the bricks.

Using the quick release valve would mean the bricks come crashing down all at once with the worst impact and no time for a response.


Make your business more resilient to external influences.

Choose to do something different that's affected less by Brexit.

Find a safer place to do what you do.

Design a brick proof shelter - there is likely to be high demand.

Collect the fallen bricks for resale into the pre-used market.

To avoid the threats or seize the opportunities from the Brexit challenge, you will need innovative ideas that can be converted into successful plans. For help in dealing with this challenge, call me, David on 07726 910542, for a free and confidential initial chat.

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