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Rise To The Challenge

Here are some simple challenges to help you think about how your organisation works and to stimulate innovative ideas for doing things differently.

Although there are no right or wrong answers I can provide further guidance or clarification on request. I'd also be pleased to give feedback and comments on your attempts at these challenges.

Clue: they may not be as simple as they seem...

Organisation Describer

Describe your organisation using 25 words or fewer.

You can download a form and guidance notes for the Organisation Describer challenge.

Genie's Choice

You run your own business but have managed to get a day off. You go for a walk along a beach and you notice an old-fashioned lamp. You pick it up, rub off the sand and POOF! the Business Genie suddenly appears. The Genie says "Times are tough, you only get one wish but I'll give you three choices. You can have a) more sales, b) happier customers or c) higher profits."

Which would you go for? Would you sacrifice (c) to get (a), compromise (a) or (c) to get (b), or what? If the Business Genie hadn't shown up, how would you make your chosen wish come true on your own?

8 Day Week

If there were eight days in a week what names would you give them to avoid confusion with the conventional seven days used by most other people.

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