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In many ways, non-profit organisations can benefit most from innovative ideas.

For those of you who manage a non-profit organisation you probably have limited resources (money, staff), high demands for performance and efficiency (doing more for less) and, perhaps, a conservative culture with little appetite for modernisation. As a result, you're very likely to benefit from new ideas that can be applied to your organisation's activities.

Unique Issues

In the 21st century non-profits face so many challenges, I hardly know where to start. Here are just a few:

  • Funding shortage / fundraising
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Staffing and volunteers
  • Increasing demand for services
  • More competition
  • Governance and regulation

That's probably enough for now. The question is how do you deal with all these issues?

the answer is by tackling them innovatively, by trying different approaches and moving forward in new directions.

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Marketing Yourself

With new media and 24-hour news channels there's a huge need for newsworthy stories. This should, in theory, make it easier for you to get mentioned somewhere in the media.

The flip side of this is that everyone is trying to raise their own profile. To grab the attention of the journalists and editors who control the news output you need to do things that are unusual, that stand out from the crowd. For that you need lots of ideas, both conventional and quirky so that at least some of them stand a chance of getting a mention.

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