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What on earth is happening to the retail industry? The dramatic changes over the past few years have left many retailers, large and small, stunned or even dead and buried.

Competition from the Internet, out of town shopping, the weak economy and, most recently, uncertainty from Brexit are only the most high-profile issues facing the industry.

So now, more than ever, retailers need new approaches to how they operate and interact with their customers.

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Links To Other Useful Sites

British Retail Consortium - bringing together retailers of every size, type and location.

BIRA - trade association for independent retailers in the UK.

Retail Trust - looking after people working in or retired from the retail sector.

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It's me, David. I help businesses and non-profit organisations do better things in better ways.

David Byers, the Idea Injector

For a free and confidential initial chat about your situation, please call me, David, on 07726 910542.

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