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Pub Bus Service

Here's an idea for running an evening mini bus service covering areas around a group of local pubs.

With many cutbacks in subsidised bus services, especially on evenings, there may be an opportunity for local providers to run a specialised service that can bring people into a local area where they can socialise and enjoy entertainment.

Pub bus idea

Apart from pub-goers, there are also diners, cinema and theatre visitors or fitness enthusiasts visting the gym.

Many Benefits

There are numerous benefits from this type of service.

  • Encourages patronage of pubs and eateries
  • Gets people out and about more
  • Can increase popularity of town centres and other areas
  • More use of public transport
  • Reduces drink driving risks
  • Jobs for redundant drivers
  • Demand for bus sales (new and used)

How Might It Work

A destination would be identified including a few pubs, restuarants and other venues. This may be the centre of a small or medium sized town or a group of these venues in a local area.

Midi-sized buses would follow a short route picking up passengers from a few areas in a town during the early part of the evening. They would return the passengers home later in the evening.

A low, nominal ticket price could be charged, say £1.50 single or £2.00 return. Weekly or monthly tickets could also be offered.

The service could be partly subsidised by local venues as they will benefit from the increased custom. Several of the desination venues could perhaps group together to run the service, a bit like a supermarket running buses to their stores on the outskirts of town.

This is a very brief outline of what may be possible. If you thing you might be able to exploit this idea I can offer basic support (free but limited) or you can use any of my services that may help.

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