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Plan Simple

What Is It?

Plan Simple is a quick, versatile and flexible way to create a plan. You can use it at any level from a basic overview to guide you in your actions through to a fully detailed plan that can be used by your team to achieve their goals.

Why Use It?

It's easy to get started and update. It's quick. You can put together the essentials of a plan in a few sentences. It's versatile - it can be used for many kinds of activity and can deal with a very basic plan or include masses of detail. Information from this plan can be readily transfered to a third party form such as from your bank. It's flexible - it can be used for many purposes, with any level of detail. It can be adapted to the specific needs of diverse users. You can add detail as you think of it, you don't need to follow a rigid, linear thinking process. It can be used informally for yourself but can also easily be expanded to a more formal presentation for other stakeholders.

When Can It Be Used?

Plan Simple is very versatile so can be used for many types of plan from a business start-up to a project or details of an event.

Who Would Use It?

Almost anyone can use Plan Simple. You don't need any special knowledge or experience, just some idea of what you want to do and how you might achieve it. The system can also be useful as a start point for professionals with more extensive experience.

How It Works

There are two parts: an overview and detailed appendices. You can use both parts or just the overview. To help you use the system you can read the Plan Simple guidance notes.

What Now?

You can download the Plan Simple template.

If you need a bit of human support when creating your plan, you can use my Plan Simple Assist service.

If you already have a plan I can give you a second opinion through my Plan Review service.

Visit the planning hub for more general planning information and links.

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