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Planning For Success

To turn a great idea into a successful one for your business, project, event or other activity, you need a plan.

Your plan might simply be an outline for your own reference. But if other people such as investors, bank manager, operational teams and other stakeholders need to understand what you're proposing, you will more likely need an extensive, detailed document.

I can help you write a coherent and consistent plan that will answer all the essential questions and lead to successful results.

For more details or a free and confidential initial chat about your situation, give me, David, a call on 07726 910542.

Why Plan?

I am often asked "Do I really need a plan?". The answer is normally "Yes!". Here are reasons why making a plan is a good idea.

Keep It Simple

Planning doesn't have to be hard. You can start with my Plan Simple system. Using this "do it yourself" format you can quickly create an outline of what you want to do and how you want to do it. You can then add further details if and when you need to.

Old vs New

Traditional plans tend to be quite rigid and assume a stable environment over a long time frame. In the reality of the 21st century plans need to offer a more flexible approach.

One way to deal with this and other issues is to have a short to medium term plan that includes options to deal with unexpected changes that may arise. My article "Lite Planning" outlines how to approach planning this way.

Reviewing Your Plans

If you already have a plan, at any stage of development, you may like to have it checked over and get a second opinion.

My Plan Review service gives you independent, objective feedback of your existing written plan. I can help clarify areas of uncertainty, highlight anything that's missing and suggest where additional detail may be appropriate.

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What's Idea Injector?

It's me, David. I help businesses and non-profit organisations do better things in better ways.

David Byers, the Idea Injector

For a free and confidential initial chat about your situation, please call me, David, on 07726 910542.

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