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Why Make A Plan?

There are plenty of excuses not to make a written plan. "I've got it all in my head", "There isn't time", "We know what we're doing" are just a few.

But even if your excuses are valid, committing a plan to paper (or computer) will give you a useful reference when somebody asks a question or needs to see supporting information for what you intend to do. It can also help you get back on track when something unexpectedly disrupts you activities.

Good Reasons

There are many reasons why you might need a plan, here are some of the main ones.

To clarify your business idea - writing down what you are going to do forces you to think more about it.

To measure your performance - compare your results to the plan to see how successful you are.

To guide management decisions - both at boardroom and operational level.

To get money from investors - your bank, private investment or when selling your business later.

To identify new opportunities - pinpointing growth areas or potential spin offs.

As a basis for updating it in the future - this may be for growth aspirations or in response to a changing market.

As a basis for strategic partnerships - co-operation with related businesses or supply chain partners.

Part of new staff induction or training - ensuring they know what the company's aims and objectives are.

It's Not Rocket Science

Making a plan isn't necessarily as difficult as it seems. At a basic level you really only need to know what is your goal and broadly how you expect to achieve it. All the rest is fine detail that can be sorted out as the plan develops or delegated to somebody who loves to work with details.

If you're now convinced a plan is a good thing, why not start with my Plan Simple system. Using this format you can quickly create an outline of what you want to do and how you want to do it. You can then add further fine detail if and when you need to.

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