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Idea Development Example

Here's a simple example explaining how my three-stage process for idea development can be applied.

Stage 1 - Generate Ideas

First we need to gather some background information and define the problem.

Jack and Jill have just moved to a new house in the country. The windows are dirty so they need water to clean them.

Next we come up with some ideas for where to get water.

A. From the well at the top of the hill

B. From the river in the valley

C. Bottled water from Tesco

D. Engage a window cleaner

At the end of stage 1 we have a list of options.

Stage 2 - Evaluate Ideas

We now need to identify the pros and cons of each option.

A. The water's clean and fresh. It's free. They've no pail. It's a long climb up the hill. There's a risk of tumbling down.

B. The river's close to the village. It's free. They have no pail. The water's not very clean. There's a risk of falling in the river.

C. The water's clean. It can be used for other purposes (drinking, cooking). Bottled water is expensive. It's heavy to carry home. It's a half-hour bus trip to the town.

D. Saves time. Service available each week. Window cleaner has own pail. High cost. Quality and reliability issues.

With this information we can now choose the best option for the circumstances.

Jack and Jill decide to fetch a pail of water from the well.

Stage 3 - Implement Ideas

First we draw up plans.

They will borrow a pail from their neighbour, Jim, and set off after breakfast. Jill will raise the water; Jack will carry it home. Jack will wash the windows; Jill will dry them.

We can now put the plan into action, monitor progress and make adjustments when it doesn't work as expected.

Due to heavy rainfall overnight, the path up the hill became slippery. Jack fell down suffering minor injuries that were treated with vinegar and brown paper by Nurse Jane.

In future, Jack and Jill will visit the well only in dry weather.

This completes the three stages. Jack and Jill now have a practical, long term solution that works for them.

Generate Ideas - Evaluate Ideas - Implement Ideas - Example

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